Q. What information is required to obtain a quote on my gas and electric rates? 
A recent supplier bill is usually enough to make a start, we need meter reference numbers, current rates and contract end date. 
Q. What is an LOA? 
An LOA is a letter of authority, it allows us to obtain data regarding your contract, terminate the current contract and submit any new contracts on your behalf. 
Q. When can I sign up to a new contract? 
Typically six months before your current contract expires, in some cases we can switch or renew you upto a year before your current contract end date. 
Q. Can I switch supplier in the middle of a contract? 
Unfortunately we can only switch you at the end of your current contract. 
Q. When will my switch happen if I choose a new supplier? 
A supplier switch will only ever happen after your current contract ends, in line with the termination notice required. 
Q. Will you give me access to all suppliers in the market? 
Whilst we research the entire market, we usually will present the suppliers we feel are aligned with your requirements. 
Q. Can I switch to the supplier of my choice. 
In most cases yes, however the energy suppliers are under no obligation to accept every contract and can reject a contract due to credit rating and annual consumption. 
Q. Will you automatically renew my contract at the end of the term? 
No, we would never renew your contracts without getting in touch first, we typically get in touch a year before your end date to discuss a plan of action. 
Q. How will I be charged for using Tiger Energy’s services? 
In most instances we receive payment direct from the energy suppliers. In some cases we may look to set up a fixed fee directly with you. 
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