Solar power 
Efficient heating 
Low-waste lighting 
Solar power 
Efficient heating 
Low-waste lighting 
Find out how you could save money and emissions with a free energy-efficiency review 
Environmental sustainability 
Protect the environment while cutting costs. It’s the biggest ethical expectation of most of your customers. 
Energy efficiency 
Save serious money and increase profit margins with an energy efficiency review. 
Financial stability 
We only offer feasible, beneficial technologies that save significant sums. 
Environmental protection and climate responsibility are millennials’ top 2 corporate social responsibility expectations. 
Cover both of these with an energy efficiency review and make your business more attractive. 
Save 5% on energy efficiency tech 
If we already manage your energy supply 
If you switch energy suppliers with us and get an efficiency review at the same time 
Just book here. 
Solar Panel Installation 
Save money and add income by generating solar energy. 
Save money on bills or even sell back to the grid. 
Solar energy generation is a great solution for organisations with feasible space on roofs or other large areas. It can save on costs and even add extra income. 
It’s a one-time cost with very low maintenance usually covered quickly by savings and income, and we can locate safe financing in almost all cases. 
LED Lighting 
If you don’t use them already, chances are these lights could save your business serious amounts every day. 
Boilers and heating 
Old boilers and heating systems can cost businesses thousands as well as causing a lot of pollution. We can recommend the best ways to cut this out. 
Book a full on-site energy efficiency review or a remote solar-only review. 
We review lighting, heating, equipment, emissions, solar and more to save you as much as possible. 
We send a review outlining what your organisation could save each year and when any investment would start to get a return. 
Choose whether to take us up on some or all of the proposals. No obligation. 
We only offer safe solar-panel financing. 
In most cases, banks will offer standard credit financing for solar panels. 
Just fill out this form and send a picture of a recent bill for each utility you want to review 
OR post your bills to Tiger Energy Ltd - Floor 7, K2 Building, 60 Bond Street, Hull, HU1 3EN 
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